Whatis it?

FinologeePSD2 has been designed to help banks achieve full compliance with the Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2).

Even though this product is readily available, we give financial institutions the power to cherry-pick the services and APIs they need in order to open-up their data to third-party providers.

We take into consideration every client’s specific requirements and we work on providing each bank with its own white-labelled PSD2 Access to Account portal, with its own design and under its own brand.

What arethe features?
End-to-end PSD2 Access to Account flow management

Neat integration of third-party Fintech services

Data aggregation & management

Full financial industry regulation compliance

PSD2 & RTS compliance

Data protection compliance (GDPR)

Modular architecture

High-end security

Maximum performance



International compatibility

How does itwork?
What arethe components?


API Gateway

Standard APIs following the technical specifications of the Berlin Group


API Lifecycle Management

Smart and efficient management of multiple versions of the same API.


TPP Authentication

The API gateway serves as the TLS endpoint for the TPP connection and validates the eIDAS TLS certificate.


API Call Quotas

The solution provides APIs call quotas management that insures TPPs can only call specific APIs a given number of times in a defined timeframe.


Developer Portal & Sandbox

The developer portal provides consolidated developer resources with a single point of contact for all documentation, how-to, tutorials, examples, code samples, and SDKs.


User Consent Lifecycle Management

The RTS on strong customer authentication and secure communication define specific rules on how the user must give his consent for payment initiations and access to account information.


SCA Exemptions

A series of exemptions for which the bank might decide not to apply strong customer authentication.


TPP Technical Support

We provide technical support to TPPs that are working on the implementation of the APIs exposed by the platform.


Bank Back-Office Portal

The solution provides a back-office web-based portal that allows the bank to access the API publisher view, including the different specifications and versions that are exposed, with detailed information about API usage.

One-stop-shop for best-in-class FinTech

Finologee has built an infrastructure that combines both its own components and best-in-class FinTech products by third party partners, leveraging both its own and its partners connectivity and expertise.

Flexibility & performance

The product’s and the underlying platform’s design and architecture are fully flexible and scalable, built on the grounds of Finologee’s significant experience in transactional platform design and operations.

Full regulation compliance

Tailor-made to meet regulatory requirements, at PSD2/legal level, RTS and Guidelines levels. Operated and provided in a compliant setup, enabling regulated entities to fully meet their financial industry obligations.

Total neutrality

Finologee has no affiliation with a particular bank or other player. Thus we can make sure our client’s and our agendas perfectly match and strategic product or priority choices are unbiased.

High-end & compliant hosting and operations

The PSD2 Access to Account App runs on Clearstream’s high performance and compliant infrastructure. Together we provide the service level that matches your requirements’ best.

Download our PSD2 Brochure
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