What is KYCManager?

KYC Manager is a digital onboarding, remediation and customer file lifecycle management tool. It helps Luxembourg-based entities subject to anti-money laundering obligations to optimise the management of their KYC and AML-related processes while connecting them with their end customers (i.e., natural persons and legal structures), front-office and compliance department by leveraging advanced workflows and granular access rights for all roles.

KYC Manager can digitalise and automate many processes and interactions such as client onboarding, KYC remediation campaigns, client/account update campaigns, blacklist/sanction list checks and business register/database checks.

The KYC Manager system is operated in a regulation-compliant ‘Support PFS’ setup on Finologee’s ISO/IEC 27001-certified hosting and operations infrastructure and complies with EU and national IT outsourcing requirements that apply to the Luxembourg financial industry.

Get to know KYC Manager
Discover a client KYC file update use case in this clip

KYC Manager can help financial institutions on their journey to KYC/AML digitalisation. Watch the video to get a better understanding of a remediation workflow/update of a KYC customer file using the platform.

Who is using KYCManager?

KYC Manager can empower financial institutions on their KYC/AML digitalisation journey. Watch the video to get a better understanding of the Client KYC file updates use case.

AG2R LaMondiale relied on KYC Manager to run a remediation campaign on its customer base, involving its brokers in the process, to improve customer data quality and accuracy via the tool.

Swiss Life Global Solutions performs its customer lifecycle management via KYC Manager, ensuring its data remains up-to-date and accurate. As part of the process, customer screenings against PEP & sanction lists are also performed within the solution.

With our partner Harmoney, Baloise carried out a remediation campaign using the product on the Belgian market, with the goals to enhance both the data quality and to meet regulatory requirements. In a second step, Baloise also digitalised its KYC and onboarding processes to improve the overall processes.

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