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A customer and employee-centric platform

For employees

  • Smooth processes and interactions for all departments involved
  • Quick data access & complete audit trail
  • Access & viewing rights based on staff roles/departments to ease workflows

For end-clients

  • KYC processes with no paper or printing requirements
  • Fast KYC data validation and submission process (typically <10 min)
  • Digital identification & e-signature options to save time

For both

  • Elimination of repetitive tasks
  • Reduction of administrative burden
How does it look on screen

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Watch our product demos and learn all about its work flows and advantages:

Client KYC file update demo

KYC Manager supports financial institutions in their KYC/AML digitisation journey. This video clip demonstrates how to optimise the updating process of KYC client files:

KYC Remediation demo

Move from legacy systems and use real-time tools to retrieve and update your clients KYC files. Watch our KYC Remediation demo:

Digital onboarding demo

Onboard your clients in a highly convenient and easy way. Watch our Digital Onboarding demo:

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