What is KYC Manager?

KYC Manager is a digital onboarding and KYC file lifecycle management tool. It helps Luxembourg-based entities subject to anti-money laundering obligations to optimise the management of their KYC and AML-related processes, while connecting with their end-customers (i.e., individual and legal structures), front-office and compliance department.

Some of the processes KYC Manager can smooth and digitalise include customer onboarding, KYC remediation campaigns, client/account update campaigns, blacklist/sanction list checks, business register/database checks, among others.

The platform is built and run by Finologee and Harmoney in a joint venture.

Hosting & operations in compliance

KYC Manager is provided in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode and hosted in Luxembourg in a Tier IV data centres by EBRC, Luxembourg’s main data centre operator. This framework has been designed to meet the outsourcing requirements that apply to the Luxembourg financial industry.

Finologee operates under a “Support PFS” issued by the Luxembourg Minister of Finance and as such is subject to full financial industry compliance requirements. It is also ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

A comprehensive KYC solution tailored to your needs

KYC Manager’s modular design means Finologee’s clients can pick the components and modules they need in areas such as customer identificationsanction list screening or electronic signature(s). These ready-to-use components enable financial institutions to create hyper-personalised, end-to-end client and employee experiences. 

The platform integrates a number of feature/data providers and integrations to seamlessly cover all aspects of KYC and AML compliance. Check the list here.


We help private banks, fund administrators and insurers with every aspect of customer KYC lifecycle management. KYC Manager can be white labelled to offer a branded solution that is completely integrated into a firm’s individual customer experience.

We can tailor KYC Manager to each client to create a comprehensive KYC solution that meets each organisation’s specific needs.

Using KYC Manager, financial institutions benefit from more complete and higher-quality KYC files than with traditional KYC data collection processes. KYC Manager makes it easier and faster for customers to send KYC data, keeping up to date with the evolving regulatory landscape. The platform can be extensively customised to meet a regulated firm’s specific KYC update needs. With personalised workflows financial institutions can specify which data and documents need to be collected. KYC updates can take as little as 10 minutes, with data immediately available to compliance and back-office teams. Watch our explainer video

Benefit from a lifetime view of each client, perform easy data refreshes, ongoing due diligence and periodic KYC reviews. Our analysis tool allows institutions to review groups of clients (through filters) or at an individual level. Risk is reduced and staying on top of KYC at any point in a client's lifecycle is easier, faster and more streamlined for the institution and the end user.

Digitally onboard both natural persons and legal structures with intuitive and frictionless data and document collection processes. Front and back-office teams can perform any necessary verification and approval processes quickly and efficiently directly through the platform. Because documents and data are sent digitally, customer onboarding is simple and efficient. Customers benefit from a fast, modern and streamlined onboarding process. Financial institutions enjoy improved conversion rates, reduced onboarding time, real-time access to data and easier risk analysis.

Submit a list of KYC records to run against one or more blacklists/sanction lists. KYC checks can be automatised to check KYC records against blacklist/sanction lists on a recurring basis or can be run manually. The platform offers complete flexibility to choose which lists KYC records are checked against. Enhanced functionality allows our clients to filter, export hit/no hit lists, display hit data, eliminate false positives and export data easily for reporting purposes.

Through KYC Manager, financial institutions can request that end-users fill in a questionnaire to automatically define their MiFID II investor profile. Firms can run campaigns on selected/filtered users to update their investor profile through a branded interface, giving a confident and modern customer experience. Notify elected end-users via email/SMS to connect to the platform and update their profile when required. Compliance and back-office teams can check details and validate end-user profiles within the system and easily export data/files as required for reporting and internal use.

Feature/dataproviders & integrations

KYC Manager integrates a network of top-tier KYC feature/data providers and integrations to seamlessly cover all aspects of KYC and AML compliance, from UBO, AML/Blacklist/Sanction List/PEP check to Customer Identification & Authentication.

  • All
  • Customer Identification-Authentication
  • AML-Blacklist-Sanction List-PEP check
  • UBO

Customer Identification & Authentication


AML-Blacklist-Sanction List-PEP check


AML-Blacklist-Sanction List-PEP check


Customer Identification & Authentication


Customer Identification & Authentication


Customer Identification & Authentication


Customer Identification & Authentication




Customer Identification & Authentication



Theclient KYC file update use case (Demo)

KYC Manager can empower financial institutions on their KYC/AML digitalisation journey. Watch the video to a have better understand of the Client KYC file updates use case. 

What arethe features?

From the way customers are contacted to the data that is required, KYC Manager is a flexible platform that can be fully customised. Financial institutions can map out workflows that align with the institution’s requirements and risk matrix.

Pre-filled information

Existing client information is pre-filled and viewable to customers, providing them with a straightforward user experience.

Batch functionality

KYC Manager removes the need for manual, case-by-case review, and individual client KYC data update requests. Institutions can group clients and send them a digital KYC remediation request with a single click.

Front office involvement in KYC file updates and onboarding

The platform allows for front-office involvement in the KYC client file update or onboarding process. Front-office teams can launch workflows alongside compliance or back-office teams can review and validate the file completeness.

Real-time campaign monitoring

KYC Manager provides real-time client KYC file update campaign monitoring. The dashboard shows an overview of the whole campaign or all the KYC files, allowing for compliance teams to action workflows and evaluate risk with ease.

Why shouldyou choose us

Ready-to-use KYC solutions

Using KYC Manager, financial institutions can offer modern, tailored, efficient options to their customers and their teams, connecting all relevant stakeholders through a single platform to perform KYC duties.

Streamlined customer experience

KYC Manager allows financial institutions to design unique user journeys that are optimised and frictionless. By eliminating unnecessary touch points, end-users benefit from timely, holistic, and hyper-personalised customer flow and an improved experience. 

Increased operational efficiency

Through a single platform, Finologee helps their clients to connect end-customers, the front-office and compliance department. All parties can work and exchange on the same platform so financial institutions can gain agility while remaining time and cost efficient. 

Effortlessly executed risk and compliance checks

KYC Manager helps financial institutions to enhance their overall risk management by centralising all compliance checks and KYC processes such as ID verification, PEP, blacklist/sanction list and adverse media checks, among others, on a single platform. When it comes to regulatory compliance, KYC Manager can be adapted to create new workflows, processes or requirements. 


Keytrade Bank Luxembourg

Keytrade Bank Luxembourg partnered with Finologee in order to provide our customers with a completely digitised onboarding process that enables them to fulfill the questionnaire to open their accounts in as little as 10 minutes. Keytrade is the first bank in Luxembourg to implement a fully digital solution.

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Baloise Belgium

In Belgium, Baloise Insurance relied on our partner Harmoney and quickly achieved a conversion rate of 80% when carrying out a digital data update campaign on more than 240’000 clients. The digital solution resulted in KYC files being better structured, and Baloise saw a significant increase in the quality of the data provided.

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La Mondiale Europartner

Leading Luxembourg life insurer, LA MONDIALE EUROPARTNER (LMEP) has been using KYC Manager to run a client KYC file update campaign, reaching 50% completion in just ten weeks for the client base in scope. Using the platform, LMEP has reduced the KYC submission and validation process to less than 10 minutes.

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Ourpartnership with Harmoney

KYC Manager is a joint venture between Finologee and Harmoney. Finologee is a Luxembourg-based Fintech company, and Harmoney is a Belgian KYC specialist. 

Finologee and Harmoney created KYC Manager to empower Luxembourg’s financial institutions to transform the way they manage the KYC of their clients. 

Harmoney brings a ready-to-use and pre-integrated solution built on secure software to ease KYC file lifecycle management. Finologee locally hosts the product as a “Support PFS” (a financial industry IT supplier licence granted by the Minister of Finance).

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KYC Manager Brochure

Finologee’s KYC Manager Brochure is ‘the’ guide for Luxembourg-regulated firms considering digitalising their KYC & AML processes.

Digital Onboarding demo

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