Finologee is a fast-growing digital platform operator of robust, ready-made, and compliant systems and APIs for open finance, digital onboarding, KYC lifecycle management, professional payments as well as telecom routing and micropayments.

The company was launched in 2017 to deliver compliant cutting-edge technology with a reliable user experience. Finologee already serves more than 100 banks and institutions and handles more than 25 million transactions, messages and end-customer interactions per year on their behalf.

Finologee draws on this deep experience in building digital platforms and ecosystems from scratch. Today, our 38 staff support KYC lifecycle management, e-signatures, account aggregation/payment initiation, corporate payments and secure open finance APIs for clients in 19 countries. Finologee is a regulated company with an IT Provider and financial data communications license by the Luxembourg Minister of Finance and is also ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

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PSD2 compliance for Banks.
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Central electronic data retrieval system compliance.
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Digital customer lifecycle management platform.
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Professional payments platform with API & web interface.
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APIs to fuel digital finance products.
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Finologee’s 4 founders have been contributing to Luxembourg’s digital scene by launching and running a variety of companies and products for the last 20 years: they started out in 1999 by building the digital agency Nvision from scratch; then launched the telecom messaging, routing and micro-payments specialist company Mpulse in 2006; the next endeavour was to build the Luxembourg retail banks’ mobile payments product and infrastructure with Digicash as of 2012; and finally they launched their latest venture Finologee in 2017, with the goal to provide the tools and platforms to enhance digital financial industry customer experiences and processes.

The company is part of the NGFS Partners group that has been building finance and transactional platforms since 2006 through its other subsidiaries. Finologee acts as the group’s operational backbone, resource provider and strategic lead. The group’s total revenues were EUR 7.5 million (2020 – 27% YoY increase), with a staff of 38.

Finologee is headquartered in the business district of Leudelange near Luxembourg City.


We are digital natives and we route all our endeavours in tech. Our capabilities have secured the trust of many. In 2018, we were named as Luxembourg’s Finance Start-up of the Year. Our journey is marked by several awards and excellent third-party rankings.

Finologee was incorporated

August 2017

APSI Flagship Startup Award 2018

May 2018

Partnership with Clearstream Services for FinTech Acceleration Platform

May 2018

Finance Startup of the Year, 2018

November 2018

Finologee granted a double Support PFS licence by the Luxembourg Minister of Finance

January 2019

30 European banks went live with Finologee’s ‘PSD2 for Banks’ product

March 2019

Foyer Group relied on Finologee to build a remote consent solution

March 2019

Partnership with Luxtrust for product distribution

April 2019

Georges Berscheid named Tech Leader of Luxembourg

May 2019

Keytrade Bank Luxembourg launches on Finologee’s KYC Platform

November 2019

Finologee and Harmoney announce strategic joint venture: KYC Manager

May 2020

Finologee launched its CEDRS Module

July 2020

Finologee receives ISO 27001 certification

September 2020

Finologee included in the global RegTech100 list for 2021

December 2020

Finologee launches payment platform ENPAY

June 2021

Banque Raiffeisen launches ‘Raiffeisen Payconiq' app in collaboration with Finologee

July 2021

Co-Founder - CEO
Raoul Mulheims

Co-founder of Nvision, Mpulse, Digicash. In charge of strategy, product design and compliance. Law degree, fluent in EN, FR, DE and LU. Luxembourg national.

Co-Founder - CTO
Georges Berscheid

Co-founder of Mpulse & Digicash. In charge of IT, products and operations. IT degree and MBA, fluent in EN, FR, DE and LU. Luxembourg national.

Co-Founder - Sales & Partnerships
Jonathan Prince

Co-founder of Digicash. In charge of sales & partnerships. Procurement expert degree, fluent in EN and FR. French & British national.


Nvision & Mpulse (1999 & 2006)

Raoul co-founded Nvision, a digital strategies and development agency, in 1999. A few years later, Georges got on board to create Mpulse, a telecom messaging, routing and micro-payments specialist, in 2006. Finologee’s third co-founder, Jonathan Prince, joined Mpulse in 2010 and helped establishing Mpulse France. Mpulse France was acquired in 2015 by Dimoco, one of the leading European carrier-billing specialists. Raoul, Georges and Jonathan still co-own and manage Mpulse Luxembourg today. Raoul was a member of the board of Nvision until early 2018.



Digicash (2012)

Micro-payments was not enough for them, doing real payments was the goal. So, Raoul, Georges and Jonathan co-founded Digicash Payments in 2012 and got a full EU payment institution license. Digicash became the Luxembourg banks’ mobile payment product, with 5 issuing banks and over 20% of the population using the App. The founders made their first major exit when Digicash was acquired by Payconiq (backed by ING & KBC) in August 2017.



Finologee (2017)

Finologee is at the apogee of the founders’ expertise in both technology and user experience design brought into creating great digital platforms, products and consumer journeys for FINancial products. We love improving – definitely, we think digital – absolutely, we make it compliant – most certainly. This is our contribution to the new and fully digital world of financial services, ecosystems, aiming for the fully-fledged API-economy.

The Finologee DNA


We create cutting-edge digital products and we handle multi-level platform and digitisation projects for the financial industry. Digitisation is our passion and we believe that this kind of processes require a full holistic view and approach. In today’s digital world, it’s about crafting user experiences: consumers and professionals alike should like the tools, interfaces and processes we design and develop for them, they have to fully embrace them so they can become successful.


We are entrepreneurs at heart, we built all the companies we co-created from scratch and either remained shareholders or we sold them to bigger players once they reached a certain scale and success. Thus, we believe in empowering the people we work with; taking responsibility is not an option, it’s a must from day one. And we are fully committed to our endeavours, since we believe this is a key ingredient to their success.


We design all our products, projects and companies around partnerships: we leverage joint commitments to speed up development and to quickly reach required size and scale. We do so both with the people that work with us and the companies we work with or for: a carefully built and designed partnership is the cornerstone to a successful and long-lasting project, product or collaboration.

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