Our ambition:Manage all banks and accounts in one platform

In November 2023, Finologee launched LYNKS, a cutting-edge single bank gateway for banks and accounts management. Unlike its predecessor platform ENPAY*, which aimed to automate payment processes, LYNKS has evolved into a true enabler, enhancing its capabilities significantly. This transformation is marked by a strategic emphasis on seamless integration with partner products, particularly in essential areas such as data transformation and treasury management elevating the platform to new heights of innovation and efficiency.

By streamlining financial messaging processes, businesses eliminate several manual processes, freeing employees to dedicate their time and efforts on other and more beneficial business functions.

*FinologeeENPAY was rebranded to FinologeeLYNKS in November 2023. The predecessor platform ENPAY was launched in June 2021.

LYNKS underwent a thorough evaluation as part of the Deloitte RegTech Business Case 2023. The study emphasizes the platform’s efficiency, revealing an impressive 30% surge in operational efficiency. Users benefit from seamless workflows, allowing them to allocate time effectively for strategic, value-oriented tasks. Furthermore, LYNKS excels in elevating data management standards, enhancing data quality by 30%.

With Lynks, save time and money
Meeting the challenges of payment processes:the ENPAY legacy

In 2020, Finologee initiated the development of ENPAY with a clear mission: to automate and simplify payment processes. This endeavor stemmed from a comprehensive analysis of market demands, revealing a gap in existing payment products. Many available solutions only offered partial coverage of the extensive functionalities sought after by companies. Moreover, in the face of increasing regulatory compliance demands, especially concerning challenges like AML/CFT, businesses were in search of a product that not only met these requirements but also allowed for customisation. This included essential features like risk management and analysis, industry-specific reporting, treasury optimisation and anti-money laundering tools, aligning precisely with the adaptable and specific needs of businesses in the evolving financial landscape.

All-encompassing product

Adjustable features

Drawing from its extensive expertise as the founder and operator of Digicash, Luxembourg’s mobile payment infrastructure, and Mpulse, the national routing and clearing platform for professional text messaging, Finologee launched ENPAY in June 2021.

The initial product requirements definition was done alongside the requirements of Crédit Agricole Life Insurance Europe (CALIE), one of Luxembourg’s leading life insurance companies. CALIE is also the first client/end-user to integrate Finologee’s Enterprise Payments platform.

Partners & supporters

“Projects led by Fintech companies such as the Finologee ENPAY platform and boosting their relationship with established businesses effectively demonstrate how cooperation cannot only solve current business challenges but also reshape existing technical setups to be ready for tomorrow’s challenges.”

Franz Fayot, the Luxembourg Minister of the Economy (statement from the Finologee product launch)

The scope and the impact of the collective digitalisation challenge in professional payments requires a strong collaboration and the support of key stakeholders in the market:

Supported by

The Luxembourg Government and Finologee signed a joint funding agreement to support the process and organisational innovation objectives of this project, which has the potential to significantly improve the connectivity infrastructure of Luxembourg banks.

Bank connectivity provider

Through Finologee’s direct SWIFT network connection, ENPAY’s bank account connectivity reach is virtually unlimited. SWIFT is the world’s core secure financial messaging operator.

Authentication & Transaction e-Signature partner

Luxtrust, Luxembourg’s leading qualified trust service provider operating the national Public Key Infrastructure, provides user authentication and manual transaction signature components.

Authentication & Transaction e-Signature partner

Finologee’s own Authenticator mobile App is relying on INCERT-issued certificates. INCERT is a public agency founded in 2012 by the State of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

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