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  • Single debit

Users can combine multiple individual transactions into one single amount to ensure payment integrity in various contexts, such as salary payments.

  • Integration with any ERP, TMS or end-point

Users can seamlessly connect to any ERP, treasury management system or end-point to streamline automated payment processing and establish an end-to-end payment workflow. Once users register an invoice within their company’s system, ENPAY serves as a single bank gateway for smooth authorisation and payment processing.

  • Track your payments

This feature improves the visibility and transparency of credit transfer status. Through a new user-friendly timeline, users can track, sign and authorise payments in real-time, enabling quick identification and resolution of any potential issues.

  • Payment confirmation via FinologeeSIGN

Using FinologeeSIGN, Finologee’s mobile app, signatories are notified of individual or batch payment transactions on their mobile devices, enabling biometric authentication for authorisation. Additional technical improvements have also been integrated into the FinologeeSIGN application.

ENPAY has undergone a rebranding and is now marketed as FinologeeLYNKS. While we are in the process of creating new materials, you are welcome to use the existing ENPAY marketing resources. 

Bank Partnership Programme

What are the benefits for banks to allow their customers to manage their accounts held by the bank via ENPAY using SWIFTnet, EBICS or SFTP, how to set up connections, how collaborations between banks and Finologee work …


ENPAY #FeatureFocus

Compliant professional payments: A new edition of the product brochure with all new features, interfaces and the latest success story.


ENPAY product brochure

“The guide on how to make professional payments easy, secure & unrestricted.


ENPAY for Fund Managers

A sector-specific brochure on improving your payment processing.


Press release on ENPAYs launch

Read here what led to the creation of ENPAY in June 2021

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MANCO/ AIFM Corporate payments

MANCO/ AIFM corporate payments 

A success story about why Kartesia chose to automate its corporate payments with ENPAY


Life Insurance Corporate Payments

A success story about why Calie chose to streamline its processes with ENPAY

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