Key Differentiators

How KYC Manager makes a difference

The platform makes the KYC processes of regulated companies efficient, seamless and straightforward, while being customer and employee-centric. KYC Manager contributes to an overall improvement in operational processes by aggregating several processes in a single platform that is tailored to each company’s own framework. Such enhancement, in turn, ensures an overall enriching of data quality.

Why you should choose us

Ready-to-use KYC management stack

Using KYC Manager, financial institutions can offer modern, tailored, efficient options to their customers and their teams, connecting all relevant stakeholders through a single platform to perform KYC duties.


Streamlined customer experience

KYC Manager allows financial institutions to design unique user journeys that are optimised and frictionless. By eliminating unnecessary touch points, end-users benefit from timely, holistic, and hyper-personalised customer flow and an improved experience.


Increased operational efficiency

Through a single platform, Finologee helps its clients to connect end-customers, the front-office and compliance department. All parties can work and exchange on the same platform so financial institutions can gain agility while remaining time and cost –efficient.


Effortlessly executed risk and compliance checks

KYC Manager helps financial institutions to enhance their overall risk management by centralising all compliance checks and KYC processes such as ID verification, PEP, blacklist/sanction list and adverse media checks, among others, on a single platform. When it comes to regulatory compliance, KYC Manager can be adapted to create new workflows, processes or requirements.


Fast-track deployment

Once a deployment decision has been made, Finologee assists its customer through a discovery and implementation phase in which the client’s needs and specificities are assessed and the solution is implemented according to the client’s internal processes. A proven delivery process and methodology enables a very efficient and quick deployment managed by Finologee’s experienced project managers.


Hosted in Luxembourg by a Support PFS

The KYC Manager platform has been built using a modern Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) setup hosted on EBRC’s virtualisation environment located in redundant Tier IV-certified Luxembourg data centres. Hosting and operations are provided by Finologee, a Luxembourg ‘Support PFS’ holding a licence from the Ministry of Finance. This setup makes outsourcing by Luxembourg-regulated financial institutions truly straighforward.

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