Deployment & Support

LYNKS Project Deployment Process

Adapting payment processes is a highly critical endeavour for almost all companies and institutions. Mastering the implementation process is key, and a strong and efficient collaboration between teams is the most important ingredient for the success of this kind of project.

LYNKS banks and accounts management platform deployment process

Requirements analysis and specifications

Review the existing setup and define together how to transfer or integrate existing processes with the LYNKS platform. With documentation of the flows, signature rights, user and platform configurations, decisions made, and feasibility analysis at the LYNKS level.

Close collaboration with client’s teams and consultants

Finologee appoints one or more delivery managers to each project. This staff member will act as the central contact for project implementation on Finologee’s end and drives the project forward. Some clients choose to rely on external consultants for internal project definition and management.

Comprehensive agreements, legal and operational framework

A full set of legal and operational standard documents is provided by Finologee, covering business, technical and liability aspects, as well as GDPR, operational, financial industry and outsourcing-specific topics. This kit serves as a starting point for discussions and is reviewed by the client’s experts.

Formal process for implementation, configuration, testing, UAT and go-live

Given the critical level of payment tools and processes, a thorough project management process with multiple testing steps and validations is carried out to ensure efficient and secure implementation and management.

Delivery documentation and sign-off

At the end of the deployment process, after all tests have been finalised, Finologee provides comprehensive delivery documentation, signed-off by the client. From this moment on, Finologee takes over customer support and account management.

Tip: Some of our clients choose to deploy the LYNKS platform gradually for the management of their payment flows: They start with a specific payment context for instance, e.g. supplier payments or daily account balance retrieving, and then transfer other payment flows to LYNKS step by step.

Support & Customer Operations

Finologee has an internal customer operations department that assists our clients with its framework of tools and methods in close collaboration with its DevSecOps teams. On top of our on-call service for critical requests, a premium support option is also available. We rely on multi-layered SLAs and thorough commitments.

Support ticketing and monitoring system

by Elastic and Zabbix, with reports being provided through ZenDesk, the market leading customer operations portal

Service Level Agreements

with a variety of options, guarantees and availability levels to choose from

Reports at regular intervals

based on SLA level chosen by the client, with account meetings

24/7 monitoring and operations guarantees

Commitments for resolution kick-off and finalisation, depending on the chosen SLA level

In-house customer operations team

located in Luxembourg, working in close collaboration with DevSecOps and account managers

Own DevSecOps team

ensuring smooth operations, security and efficient deployments within Finologee’s ISO/IEC 27001-certified setup

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