Peppol e-Invoicing Module

LYNKS Peppol Module

Finologee provides a Peppol access point integrated into its LYNKS platform. It is operated in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode, accessible through a secure API end-point.

The LYNKS Peppol access point enables LYNKS clients to

Routing – send

Submit their invoices electronically to other members of the Peppol community, such as Government entities, public institutions and municipalities (Business-to-Government, B2G), as well as to any other national or international entity or business able to receive invoices over Peppol (B2B), and even to consumers

Routing – receive

Receive e-invoices over Peppol, giving their suppliers and counterparties an easy and standardised way to avoid relying on paper or on unstructured (PDF) invoices

Reconciliation with payments

Reconcile e-invoices sent over the Peppol network with incoming payments by clients/counterparties on one or more bank accounts : through the neat integration with Finologee’s LYNKS payments management platform, with payment and account access to virtually any bank in the world, full reporting and advanced users and rights management

API & web access

Streamline their processes by using the LYNKS Peppol API, i.e. integrate their ERP, invoicing/accounting software or any other end-point on the client’s side to send and receive electronic invoices


Oversee and manage Peppol e-invoicing processes, messages and data through secure LYNKS web interfaces

Performance & security

Take advantage of the high-performance and resilient services of one of Luxembourg’s leading FinTech platforms, operating under a ‘Support PFS’ license by the Ministry of Finance with a professional secrecy obligation, with an ISO 27001 certification for its information security management system and providing high-availability SLAs

Peppol - What is it?

Peppol is the common delivery network chosen to enable the automated issuing, transmission and receipt of electronic invoices, managed and maintained by nonprofit organization OpenPeppol.

Finologee is a member of OpenPeppol which is the official Peppol Authority for Luxembourg. Being a member gives Finologee access to the European Peppol community, the official Peppol documentation and technical specifications related to the Peppol ecosystem.  Finologee is also a certified Peppol Service Provider for eDelivery and Post-Award services and has passed the official OpenPeppol certification procedures.

What can I do with the LYNKS Peppol module?

Finologee’s Peppol Access Point can be used for exchanging documents with public authorities and institutions, as well as for business-to-business and business-to-consumer workflows. The aim is to enable companies to use the Peppol network to transmit messages such as invoices and orders more efficiently and securely.

The module’s advantages at a glance:

Sending & receiving standards-based electronic documents

(B2G & B2B)

Encrypted communication & non-repudiation
Used in 40 countries

(EU, North America, Asia, Africa, Australia)

e-Advance Shipping notes

Your gateway for compliant e-invoices to public sector clients and beyond


Until now, many countries have been working with their own standards for e-invoicing. These national standards will gradually be phased out and replaced by Peppol, the EU standard for exchanging electronic documents.

The aim of Finologee’s Peppol Access Point is to allow companies to connect to Peppol network and thus, to exchange electronic documents such as invoices and credit notes based on the Peppol technical specifications.

Introduction of business-to-government e-Invoicing with Peppol in Luxembourg in 2022-23

Obligations for businesses & important dates to remember

Following the publication of the law from 14 December 2021 regarding electronic invoicing in the official Journal, it is now an obligation for economic operators to send their invoices electronically to the Luxembourg Government – by using mainly the CTIE (Government IT Centre) Peppol Access Point – in the context of public procurement, supplier and concession contracts.

B2G e-Invoicing becomes mandatory for large businesses

Total Balance Sheet > 20 M EUR

Net Turnover > 40 M EUR

Full time employee (on average) > 250

18 May 2022

B2G e-Invoicing becomes mandatory for medium-sized businesses

Total Balance Sheet < 20 M EUR

Net Turnover < 40 M EUR

Full time employee (on average) < 250

18 October 2022

B2G e-Invoicing becomes mandatory for small businesses

Total Balance Sheet < 4.4 M EUR

Net Turnover < 8.8 M EUR

Full time employee (on average) < 50

18 March 2023
Exclusive feature: Automate e-invoice reconciliation with incoming payments

The Peppol module deployment on Finologee’s LYNKS platform enables a tight integration with the platform’s core payment features: outgoing (and incoming) e-invoices sent over the Peppol network can be mapped with incoming (and outgoing) payments. Thus monitoring and reconciliation of the payment processes can be fully automated, providing an up-to-date oversight on payments and statuses, also facilitating actions and escalation procedures.

As all other LYNKS Peppol components, the Reconciliation component is available both through a secure web interface with advanced users and rights management and over the LYNKS API endpoint.

Available components in the LYNKS Peppol module

1. E-Invoicing – Outgoing

  • Send and manage e-invoices to other Peppol-connected recipients
  • API & web access
  • Monitoring & reporting interfaces
  • SLA, Support PFS with professional secrecy, ISO 27001 certification

2. Payments/e-Invoices Reconciliation

  • Map incoming payments against e-invoices sent
  • Automated reconciliation
  • Integration with advanced counterparty management
  • API & web access
  • Monitoring & reporting interfaces
  • SLA, Support PFS with professional secrecy, ISO 27001 certification

3. E-Invoicing – Incoming

(availability Q4 2022)
  • Receive e-Invoices from other Peppol participants
  • Integration with LYNKS payments features (mapping, monitoring)
  • API & web access
  • Monitoring & reporting interfaces
  • SLA, Support PFS with professional secrecy, ISO 27001 certification
How does it work?

The LYNKS invoice management interface is designed to enable businesses to streamline the following tasks:

  • Submit proprietary files that contain invoice or credit note information and convert them to the official Peppol BIS 3.0 format
  • Deliver electronic documents (invoices, credit notes) to any participant in the Peppol network world-wide
  • Receive electronic documents from any Peppol participant
  • Archive documents for non-repudiation.

As a certified Peppol Access Point, Finologee takes care of the fast and secure transfer of your invoices – in a structured format (XML) – to the recipient’s Access Point. Authentication and integrity of messages is established by means of digital signatures applied to the message. This allows receivers of documents to verify the identity of the sender and the consistency and integrity of the document. At the same time, it allows the sender to receive signed responses by the receiver to prove that the latter has irrefutably accepted a given document.

Simple & secure integration with your systems

Users access the module either through secure web browser connections or by linking existing IT and operational systems with the LYNKS APIs available on Finologee’s secure API portal.

LYNKS endpoints – how to connect to the module

Connectors are the interfaces that participants can use to send and receive documents through the Peppol network. They offer conversion and validation capabilities to make sure that the documents that are being sent are compliant with the Peppol specifications and that the received documents can properly be ingested by the participants’ backend systems.


Finologee’s simple REST API is the perfect starting point for getting familiar with the Peppol network functionalities and comply with the legal requirements in a quick and straight-forward way. It includes only the mandatory parameters of the Peppol documents.

Complete REST API

If the simple REST API is not sufficient for a given use case, it can easily be expanded to use the complete API that gives access to all of the Peppol document features.

File upload via HTTPS and SFTP

Finologee also supports file uploads through an HTTPS or SFTP interface in various flat file formats (CSV, Excel, Text etc.)

Compliant invoicing flows in a few steps
Screens & Demo

Success Story - LALUX Assurances sending invoices via LYNKS

The well-known Luxembourg insurance company LALUX is using the Finologee Access Point to send electronic invoices to the Luxembourg Government, public institutions and municipalities. LALUX connects to the Peppol network over the access point provided by Finologee’s Lynks Peppol module.

Prior to automating and streamlining this setup and processes, LALUX had to manually convert its standard invoices into the Peppol format using the template provided by the Luxembourg Government, which required time and effort. Now, sending invoices is simplified as LALUX transmits its invoices through the Peppol network via Lynks.

Finologee handles

  • conversion of invoice files into the right format
  • locates the access point connected to the end user (i.e. the Luxembourg Government access point) to send the invoice;

and then the receiving access point forwards the invoice to the end user, which in this case is the Luxembourg Government.

The Peppol network provides the Peppol Business Interoperability Specification (BIS) using the Universal Business Language (UBL) format, which is a compliant implementation of the European eInvoicing standard.

At present, only few private sector businesses are already connected to the Peppol network, so LALUX’s main use case will be the transmission of e-Invoices to the Luxembourg government, institutions and municipalites (B2G). Once more businesses will have implemented their connections to the Peppol network, they will be able to route and exchange invoices and invoicing data over this network between each other.

LYNKS Peppol module ingredients

AS4 profile compliant

Compliant with the latest version of the Peppol AS4 (applicability statement 4) profile

Secure document exchange is governed by aspects of WS-Security, including XML Encryption and XML Digital Signatures

Dynamic participant discovery & participant onboarding

Dynamic retrieval of the necessary information for setting up an interoperability process from the Service Metadata Publisher (SMP)

Integration with the Peppol Service Metadata Locator allows seamless dynamic discovery of each new participants

Allowing participants to publish their capabilities and compatibilities with document types that they can receive

Message integrity & authenticity 

Certificate management for authentication, signing and integrity

Allowing receivers of documents to verify the identify of the sender and the consistency and integrity of the document by means of digital signatures applied to the message

Allowing the sender to receive signed responses by the received to prove that the receiver has irrefutably accepted a given document


Archive all signed Peppol documents as well as their signed receipts for the legal period of 10 years

Easy retrieval of documents though an API or through the web interface

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