Finologee’s PSD2 Value Proposition

Finologee’s PSD2 Value Proposition

Transposed into the Luxembourg law in July 2018, the effect of the PSD2 directive applies since its entry into force in September 2019. As a FinTech and RegTech playerFinologee has become the preferred solution for private & commercial banks, as well as Payment Institutions and E-Money Institutions, to comply with PSD2. To date, 32 financial institutions across 9 European markets are already PSD2compliant using a single interconnection to their infrastructure through Finologee’s platform.  

Operating under a double “PSF de support” license (Art 29-1 and 29-4), Finologee offers you the possibility to completely outsource your PSD2 dedicated interface and reporting requirements.   

The main reasons to outsource your PSD2 compliance to Finologee are:  

  • We provide an off-the-shelf and fully Luxembourg-compliant product
  • We reduce your operational regulatory burden through our Managed Services solution
  • We deliver in no time 
  • We assist you with the fallback exemption request 

We invite you to browse the documentation to further discover our expertise and how can Finologee help you find your way through PSD2 and seize the numerous possibilities it offers 

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