ENPAY rebranding to LYNKS

Rebranding: Evolving from ENPAY to LYNKS

On 15 November, Finologee announced the rebranding of its bank connectivity and compliance platform, ENPAY, into LYNKS. Serving as a single bank gateway, LYNKS offers comprehensive access and management of all banks and accounts, exceeding traditional payment transactions....

ENPAY bank connectivity and bank partnership programme

Unleashing automation & process optimisation – ITnation

FinologeeENPAY is a professional payments and multi-bank account access management platform. It was designed to enable financial industry professionals and companies seeking flow automation to streamline and monitor their payment initiation, validation and reporting workflows. In addition to its benefits for corporate clients, ENPAY also offers...

ENPAY Kartesia use case bans and accounts platform management

ENPAY for ManCos/AIFMs – Farvest

During the European Finance Summit on 1 December, Finologee sat down with Marc Housieaux, Group Finance Manager at Kartesia. He shared with the audience why Kartesia chose to automate its corporate payments with ENPAY and explained how the platform features, in collaboration with Finologee, solved...