The art of customer success: How Finologee’s Customer Success team makes all the difference

The art of customer sucess: How finologee's customer success team makes all the difference

The art of customer success: How Finologee’s Customer Success team makes all the difference

At Finologee, putting the customer first is not just a buzzword, it’s the foundation of everything we do. That’s why our customer success and delivery team, led by Carlo Maragliano, focuses on understanding and supporting our clients inside and out. With a customer-centric approach, Carlo’s team leverages automation and workflow optimizations to quickly resolve issues and provide exceptional service – as the figures for the last quarter clearly show. 

At a glance

* Figures refer to all Finologee products in Q1 2023

Resolution rate


Average first response time

40 min

Median resolution time

24 hours
Can you provide an overview of how the Customer Success team operates within Finologee? 

Carlo: My team consists of three permanent employees with complementing profiles: Muhammad, Cloud Security Engineer, Anna, Senior Technical Support Engineer, and Maria, Senior Delivery Manager, and currently our intern Sweta. 

Our daily operations rely on the efficient use of tools such as Zendesk and Qlik. Zendesk plays a crucial role in our client communication, ensuring a secure platform for sharing important documentation. Meanwhile, Qlik empowers us with robust data analytics capabilities, enabling us to identify relevant trends in service usage and equip our clients with the necessary insights to make data-driven decisions. 

Screenshot of Qlik

Screenshot of Zendesk

What elements contribute to the quality of your team’s work?

Carlo: What, I believe, truly sets us apart is our commitment to excellent service. We prioritize the speed of our response, with an initial ticket response and preliminary analysis provided within one hour. Furthermore, the majority of incident tickets, over 85%, are resolved on the same working day, showcasing our dedication to swift issue resolution. 

Our focus on data analytics enables us to deliver up-to-date and detailed reports to our clients, empowering them to make informed business decisions based on accurate information. Also, we actively listen to and incorporate client feedback, valuing their suggestions for service.

In which areas do you see the greatest improvements for the benefit of customers? 

Carlo: We have achieved significant improvements in our response and resolution time, successfully reducing them by 50%. Furthermore, we have strengthened our business key performance indicator (KPI) reporting through the implementation of automated templates. These templates allow us to generate insightful reports effortlessly, providing our clients with valuable information while minimizing the workload on our end by leveraging automation.

In addition to our focus on response time and reporting, we have also improved our communication with the Product and Software development team. By actively sharing client feedback with these teams, we ensure that their insights are utilised to enhance our products or maintain the features that our clients value.  

Carlo Maragliano: “This collaborative approach allows us to continuously improve our offerings based on the needs and preferences of our clients, fostering a strong feedback loop between our teams and the end-users.”