Whatis it?

FinologeeCEDRS has been designed to help banks achieve full compliance with the CSSF Circular 20/747 in relation to the Law of 25 March 2020 establishing a central electronic data retrieval system related to IBAN accounts and safe-deposit boxes held by credit institutions in Luxembourg.

FinologeeCEDRS can be customised to meet every client’s specific setup and requirements. We work on providing each bank with a dedicated solution to facilitate data transmission to the regulator. 

What arethe features?
Custom implementation with bank's end-point and file formats

Ease data aggregation on bank's side

Flexible integration (SFTP, existing PSD2 API, proprietary API)

Premium SLA levels available

End-to-end testing service & compliance with CSSF

No data storage

Assistance and project management

High-end security

How does itwork?

This is the “Full Service” setup of FinologeeCEDRS product. Data mapping, file encryption and error management can also be handled by the client with its own systems. (“Reporting Gateway” setup, data is fully encrypted, no access by Finologee)

What arethe components?


Enrollment Management

The Bank can rely on Finologee to manage the enrolment process towards the CSSF (key management, file transfer).


Day-to-day operations 

The solution manages the interactions with the Regulator on a daily basis, from the file formatting and transfer to the error handling.


CSSF Connector

The API gateway is implemented as required by the Regulator and serves as the TLS endpoint for the connection with the CSSF.


Custom Connector

In order to transfer the information on Accounts, the Bank can choose to use PSD2 API, a SFTP protocol or any custom API.


Data Aggregation

Finologee’s CEDR Module can retrieve data from different locations in case of the information required are not store within a single Bank’s system. Besides Finologee can also provide a digital add-on solution for paper-based customer data (KYC Manager)


Option: Manage Customer Data

If you need a customer lifecycle management solution for KYC and CDD (Customer Due Diligence) purposes, the integration of “KYC Manager” product would be the right solution. 

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One-stop-shop for best-in-class FinTech

Finologee has built an infrastructure that combines in-house components and best-in-class FinTech products, leveraging both its own and partners connectivity and expertise. In the same time, Finologee can assist the Bank in improving data aggregation for CDD within one same system by proposing its “KYC Manager” solution to Front-Office and Compliance teams.

Reliability & Performance

Rely on Luxembourg’s prime FinTech platform operator (PSD2 for Banks, Digicash, Mpulse, KYCManager, Trusted API Platform) trusted by >100 banks and institutional clients, handling hundreds of millions of transactions a year

Customization and flexibility

Tailor-made and flexible approach taking into account every client’s specific setup and data structure. We offer multiple solutions (SFTP, PSD2 API, Customer API) to ensure the most appropriate setup for data collection and transmission

Total Neutrality

Finologee has no affiliation with a particular bank or other players. Thus we can make sure our client’s and our agendas perfectly match and strategic product or priority choices are unbiased. 

High-end & compliant hosting and operations 

Finologee apps run on EBRC’s high performance and compliant infrastructure. Together we provide the service level that matches your requirements best and ensure premium Customer Care services.

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