Rebranding: Evolving from ENPAY to LYNKS

ENPAY rebranding to LYNKS

Rebranding: Evolving from ENPAY to LYNKS

On 15 November, Finologee announced the rebranding of its bank connectivity and compliance platform, ENPAY, into LYNKS. Serving as a single bank gateway, LYNKS offers comprehensive access and management of all banks and accounts, exceeding traditional payment transactions. This switch represents an important milestone that expands the platform’s capabilities by integrating additional services through strategic partnerships and addressing connectivity challenges in the financial sector in Luxembourg, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings for organisations. 

Why the rebranding toLYNKS

The transition from ENPAY to LYNKS signifies a strategic evolution, moving beyond traditional payment boundaries to facilitate seamless routing of all types of bank and account data. LYNKS serves as a comprehensive single bank gateway, simplifying complex financial messaging processes.  

It integrates multiple channels and connectivity end-points, ensuring effortless interactions between both clients and banks while retaining ENPAY’s essential payment features like account aggregation, unlimited bank reach, workflow management and reporting.  

Switch from ENPAY to LYNKS
An extended scope forLYNKS

LYNKS represents a cutting-edge single bank gateway, providing seamless access and comprehensive management of bank and account data. Leveraging the tools and insights from ENPAY, Finologee’s banking connectivity and compliance platform, LYNKS steps into a more sophisticated role as true enabler, enhancing its capabilities further. This evolution involves a strategic focus on seamless integration with partner products, particularly in critical areas like data transformation and treasury management, elevating the platform to new heights of innovation and efficiency. 


LYNKS offers a complete solution for diverse banking and account management needs, catering to all sorts of institutional and corporate clients‘ requirements. 


With its integration capabilities, LYNKS effortlessly connects with other company systems, allowing businesses to concentrate on fostering growth and innovation without interruptions. 


LYNKS is designed to be flexible, forward-thinking, and in tune with the dynamic industry landscape. It achieves this by forging strong and enduring partnerships, ensuring it remains aligned with the evolving needs of the market. 

Rooted in a mission to automate and simplify payment processes, Finologee embarked on the development journey of ENPAY in 2020. Drawing from its extensive expertise as the founder and operator of Digicash, Luxembourg’s mobile payment infrastructure, and Mpulse, the national routing and clearing platform for professional text messaging, Finologee launched ENPAY in June 2021. The platform has ever since addressed the challenges faced by institutional and corporate users burdened by manual processes, offering automation from start to finish. 

Read the press release here: Finologee boosts professional payments with its latest platform (09.06.21) 

Leveraging strategic partnerships & alliances

At Finologee, collaboration and partnership have always been the cornerstone of our approach. With LYNKS, this dedication is central to our rebranding from ENPAY to LYNKS, driving the creation of a product tailored to meet the specific demands of our clients and the Luxembourg market. This commitment is exemplified through seamless integration capabilities, ensuring LYNKS becomes the go-to single bank gateway designed to elevate industry standards and simplify financial messaging processes. 

Franz Fayot, the Luxembourg Minister of the Economy at the time:Projects led by Fintech companies such as the Finologee ENPAY platform and boosting their relationship with the established businesses effectively demonstrate how cooperation cannot only solve current business challenges but also reshape existing technical setups to be ready for tomorrows challenges.”
Statement from the ENPAY launch in June 2021

Raoul Mulheims, CEO of Finologee:As we move forward with LYNKS, stay tuned for exciting announcements on upcoming projects and collaborations. On the one hand, addressing the key banking connectivity challenges in Luxembourg is crucial and LYNKS is able to make a real difference here, with SWIFT connectivity, EBICS, etc. On the other hand, the platform, going beyond payments and integrating additional services through partnerships with key industry players, will help to increase the efficiency of many business processes, saving both money and time.

ENPAY evolves into LYNKS