Finologee at the ICT Spring 2022: A Recap

Finologee at the ICT Spring 2022: A Recap

On 30 June and 1 July, Farvest’s ICT Spring, one of the most renowned and important tech events in Luxembourg, finally took place again as an on-site event – this time at LuxExpo The Box. The conference offered attendees a highly stimulating and engaging mix of high-profile conferences on the main stage, themed conference rooms, workshops, exhibitions, side events and demonstrations of the latest tech trends and innovations. Attendees thus benefited from a unique opportunity to deepen their digital knowledge, grasp the value of the fast-growing FinTech industry, drive innovation in the supply chain industry, unlock the secrets of IT security and explore the impact of space technologies.

During the two-day event, Finologee was honoured to participate in and moderate three panel discussions – both in the FinTech room and on the main stage. It was great to finally meet in person again and have the discussion in front of an audience.

So here is some brief recap from the panel discussions hosted by Finologee’s cofounders Jonathan Prince (CSO) and Raoul Mulheims (CEO) and Victoria Döringer (Senior Communications & Brand Manager).

Discussion Panel 1:Payments for finance professionals & businesses – the digitalisation laggard?

Hosted by Raoul Mulheims, Finologee’s cofounder and CEO


At the panel discussion on the afternoon of 30 June, Finologee CEO Raoul Mulheims brought together key players in the payments industry in the Fintech Room: Jean De Crane, CEO of Isabel Group, Belgium’s largest fintech company and market leader in B2B payment solutions; Thomas Peeters, Head of Benelux at SWIFT; and Andréa Toucinho, Director of Studies, Perspectives and Training at Partelya Consulting and Country Ambassador for France of the European Women Payments Network (EWPN).

“Today’s challenges for finance professionals and businesses interacting with their banks. What are they, how to address them, and is there an opportunity for Luxembourg as a professional payments hub?

Discussion Panel 2:Dealing with the KYC challenge within the insurance sector

Hosted by Jonathan Prince, Finologee’s co-founder and CSO


Together with Nasir Zubairi, CEO of the LHoFT Foundation, Jonathan Prince, co-founder and CSO of Finologee, discussed the challenge of KYC in the Luxembourg insurance sector. They addressed topics such as KYC journeys, risk assessment and remediation campaigns, all of which can be streamlined through the use of innovative digital tools. Both stressed that the most important areas for the financial sector in general and the insurance sector in particular to invest in over the coming years are digitalisation and automation, notably to meet increasing regulatory pressure and AML/CFT challenges.

Discussion Panel 3:Round table: What strategies have developed and what are VCs looking for?

Hosted by Victoria Döringer, Senior Communications & Brand Manager at Finologee 


On the afternoon of 1 July, Finologee’s Victoria Döringer discussed the question: “What strategies have evolved and what are VCs looking for?” with her guests: Lily Wang, Principal at Expon Capital; Max Mersch, Partner at Fabric Ventures; Pierre Festal, Partner at Promus Ventures; and Joy Sioufi, Partner at GP Bullhound. The discussion revolved around the Luxembourg VC ecosystem, the products and companies that the VCs attending are looking for at the moment, as well as their visions and goals.

“When you’re investing into a company, you’re basically backing  them for the next 5-10 years. So you really want to have someone with that relentless passion to just get your things done with a long term view as to where you want to get to, which is actually surprisingly rare to find, but when it does click, it’s amazing!