LALUX implements PEPPOL e-invoicing with FinologeeENPAY

LALUX implements PEPPOL e-invoicing with FinologeeENPAY

The well-known Luxembourg insurance company LALUX is using the Finologee Peppol Access Point to send electronic invoices to the Luxembourg Government, public institutions, and municipalities. Finologee provides a Peppol access point integrated within FinologeeENPAY, its professional payments and multi-bank account access management platform. ENPAY is operated in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode and is accessible through a secure API endpoint. Prior to automating and streamlining its invoicing process, LALUX had to manually fill their invoices using the template provided by the Luxembourg Government.


Following the publication of the law from 14 December 2021 regarding electronic invoicing in the Official Journal, large businesses are now obliged to transmit their invoices electronically to the Luxembourg Government in the context of public procurement, supplier, and concession contracts. For this purpose, they will mainly use the CTIE Peppol Access Point. By 18 October 2022 and 18 March 2023 respectively, Business-to-Government e-Invoicing becomes mandatory for medium-sized and small businesses as well.

Formerly, LALUX used to convert its standard invoices manually. This was very time-consuming and labour-intensive. Therefore, the Luxembourg insurer was looking for an easy-to-use tool to send its invoices to public authorities in Luxembourg.


Finologee’s Peppol Access Point can be used for exchanging documents with public authorities and institutions, as well as for business-to-business and business-to-consumer workflows. The aim is to enable companies to use the Peppol network to transmit messages such as invoices and orders more efficiently and securely. The Peppol network is worldwide, meaning that companies can send and receive e-invoices internationally. We asked Vincent Arnal, CIO at Lalux, on why they chose to implement Finologee’s ENPAY Peppol module and what benefits they see.

Why did you choose to implement Finologee’s ENPAY Peppol module?

“In view of the new law – which led us to rethink our internal process regarding the invoices that we send to the government – we were looking for an access point to get connected to the Peppol network. Finologee, being one of the only Luxembourg Certified Peppol Service Providers, offered what we were looking for. They were very open to explore how we could best integrate the Peppol module according to our specific needs. The decision to work with them was easy as we already knew Finologee and their team.”

How would you describe the cooperation with Finologee?

“The cooperation and communication with the Finologee team went smoothly. In a series of workshops, we analysed together how we could convert the existing data that we had exported from our systems into the required Peppol document format (UBL). For this, Finologee developed a very efficient approach. Also afterwards, they were always ready to help us in any way they could.”


Finologee has developed a customised approach to best meet the company’s needs. This includes accessing the network, converting the files from the format they use and archiving the invoices. By connecting to the network early, LALUX is a pioneer and is preparing for what Peppol has to offer when many players will be connected. A future evolution may be to send B2B invoices and add capabilities to receive invoices via the Peppol channel.

What concrete advantages can you name for the use of the ENPAY module?

“Finologee is a regulated company that operates as a PSF and is fully audited – for us this is a guarantee of reliability and security, as it offers legal archiving in a regulatory compliant environment and provides all necessary documentation. Besides, supplier onboarding and due diligence was straightforward with the company.”


LALUX Assurances is one of the historic leaders in the Luxembourg insurance market. The insurance company offers a variety of services, such as, automotive, housing, health and accident, civil liability, as well as life & death insurance. With its deep roots in Luxembourg’s economic and social fabric as one of the Grand Duchy’s largest employers, the “La Luxembourgeoise” currently employs about 500 staff in the Grand Duchy.