E-signature of SEPA Direct Debit authorisations for Unicef

E-signature of SEPA Direct Debit authorisations for Unicef

Finologee collaborates with UNICEF Luxembourg to provide the United Nations agency’s Luxembourgish branch with its frictionless ‘SEPA Direct Debit E-Signature’ system to optimise the donation collection process and let donors sign online direct debit authorisations effortlessly.

Can you describe your challenge with regards to transform one-time donations into regular donations and how you chose to address it?

Regular donations are essential to our work and are becoming ever more important. As such, our biggest challenge is to explain that regular donations have a bigger impact for children than one-off donations.

To do so, we first need to convey this message in such a way that our future Global Parents understand that their monthly contributions allow us to not only improve the planning of our projects, but to also respond quickly to emergencies, work more efficiently and ensure that our activities are sustainable.

Secondly, once a donor has decided to become a Global Parent with a monthly standing order, we need to make sure that the technical process is as easy and intuitive as possible. The tools Finologee has developed fit those needs perfectly.

Which opportunities for your institution do you see stemming from digitalisation in general?

The main benefits that digital transformation offers to our programmes and services are the ability to streamline the donation experience, make the process faster and more secure and enable us to innovate, which has always been part of our DNA. As an NGO, we have to be willing to adapt to maximise the impact of our work and tackle the most important challenges regarding children’s rights. As an NGO we are fully invested in digital transformation, because we know it acts as a catalyst for major social changes, at home and in the field.

Why did you choose Finologee as your provider?

To address the challenges of safely and securely signing up new donors, UNICEF Luxembourg has opted to implement Finologee’s ‘SEPA Direct Debit E-Signature’ system, which enables us to get our donors’ electronically signed approval for recurring payments, facilitating monthly debits and reducing administrative costs. Payment by direct debit not only overcomes issues such as bank card expiry dates and the use of third-party payment platforms, but it also has a lower transaction processing cost.


With Finologee’s new product, the donor’s consent to direct debits on donor’s accounts will be given using a LuxTrust e-signature that is legally binding.
In conclusion the whole process for both the donors and our organisation is much faster and more secure at reduced costs (in Luxembourg and at the project level in the field), which allows us to help even more children.


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Quick and easy way to electronically sign SEPA Direct Debit Mandates via API.