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  • Operational dashboard

ENPAY new dashboard for bank account balances and transactions provides an easily accessible and organized view of your company’s financial situation. It enables you to quickly identify any unusual or unauthorized transactions and to take appropriate action.

  • Customise your data table views

ENPAY users have different needs, specific tasks and requirements to handle the overall payment process properly. As an example, an accountant may need to see different columns and use different filters than a signatory or a compliance officer. This new feature will allow you to set up your data table in a way that is most useful for you. You can now show/hide/reorganise columns, filter, and sort your data table as you wish.

  • More information about bank accounts

An enhanced cash management feature provides users with a quick and easy way to access account information. Users can view their current and previous balances and track changes over time. Additionally, the feature displays the number of future transactions, and their values, giving users a more comprehensive view of their finances.


Bank Partnership Programme

What are the benefits for banks to allow their customers to manage their accounts held by the bank via ENPAY using SWIFTnet, EBICS or SFTP, how to set up connections, how collaborations between banks and Finologee work …


ENPAY #FeatureFocus

Compliant professional payments: A new edition of the product brochure with all new features, interfaces and the latest success story.


ENPAY product brochure

“The guide on how to make professional payments easy, secure & unrestricted.


ENPAY for Fund Managers

A sector-specific brochure on improving your payment processing.


Press release on ENPAYs launch

Read here what led to the creation of ENPAY in June 2021

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Q1 2023 recap
What’s new in ENPAY?

Discovering ENPAY screens
#1 Dashboard

Discovering ENPAY screens
#2 Action centre

Discovering ENPAY screens
#3 PAYMENTS – Credit transfers

Discovering ENPAY screens

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