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ENPAY 4.4 - Dec 10, 2022


  • API improvements

Counterparties, payments, and risk assessments’ API have been updated. Adding new functionality to make it more useful and versatile for developers. Providing clear and comprehensive documentation to improve the usability of the API.

  • User management improvement

The registration process has been improved to be even more user-friendly and efficient. The setup of FinologeeAuthenticator/Luxtrust has been streamlined and new tools have been provided to make it easier for the administrator to manage the accounts.


ENPAY #FeatureFocus

Compliant professional payments: A new edition of the product brochure with all new features, interfaces and the latest success story.


ENPAY product brochure

“The guide on how to make professional payments easy, secure & unrestricted.


ENPAY for Fund Managers

A sector-specific brochure on improving your payment processing.


Press release on ENPAYs launch

Read here what led to the creation of ENPAY in June 2021

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Discover the screens

Discovering ENPAY screens
#1 Dashboard

Discovering ENPAY screens
#2 Action centre

Discovering ENPAY screens
#3 PAYMENTS – Credit transfers

Discovering ENPAY screens

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