Building Blocks

Choose the APIs and microservices you need to build your own digital products and to enhance your processes.
Identify your end customers

KYC Video Chat

ID Document Validation

Luxembourg e-ID Validation

Achieve full compliance

SDD Mandate with signature

PSD2 Account Access

Digicash Merchant Connector

Give remote consent

Qualified e-Signature

E-Seal on PDF Document

SMS One-time Password Consent

Multi-channel messaging

SMS Send/Routing

One-time SMS Reception

Micropay (SMS & Direct Carrier)

All blocks


Use our pre-assembled products
with interfaces to meet your digitisation
and compliance challenges.

LUX law-compliant identification

& modular

Risk-based user journeys


Full compliance via hosted system

Single connection to your core

Your own TPP portal


Account & safe-deposit box holders reporting

CSSF Circular 20/747 compliance

Fully hosted & managed



Rely on our high-performance platforms that power 3 business-critical systems for the financial industry since 2006.

Compliant APIs & products for the financial industry.

Luxembourg banks’ mobile payment system & App

Luxembourg’s SMS messaging & billing platform

See for yourself what can be achieved usingour products and platforms.
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Senior Java Engineer

If you are a problem solver that loves playing with new languages and frameworks, this is for you.

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FinTech Product/Project Manager

If you have experience managing interactive projects from discovery and design to technical development and implementation, this is for you.

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DevOps Engineer

If you are an outcome-focused person and like working in cross-functional teams, this is for you.

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Aboutthe company

Finologee acts as a catalyst for product and processes digitisation in the financial industry. We run our Trusted FinTech Platform that simplifies connectivity between financial services professionals and institutional players on one side and a variety of FinTech solution providers on the other side.


In essence, we are operating a one-stop shop for FinTech building blocks in full compliance with financial industry regulation. We both develop our own APIs and we aggregate best-in-class third-party FinTech components into our Trusted FinTech Platform.

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