Release Notes

ENPAY 4.7 - Jun 19, 2023


  • Multitenancy support for Enpay and Authenticator

For service providers or companies that manage payments for their customer –
Users of these companies who need to access data from multiple companies can switch between multiple clients with SSO (Single Sign On). Yet, the data of these companies is separated from each other.

  • Users onboarding flow

The users onboarding flow includes receiving notifications during the registration process and ensuring account activation through two-factor authentication.

  • User access management

User access management has been made more granular. The administrator can now restrict a user’s access to a limited number of accounts, to payments in certain currencies or to specific payment categories. This allows finer control over user permissions.

  • Tenant settings – Payment categories, allowed currencies

At the tenant level, administrators have the ability to define payment categories and specify the accepted currencies.

  • Payment creation rights – creation of drafts and requesting authorisation by different users

The payment right has been designed in a more granular way to allow for better management of the payment workflow.

  • Share fees for payment in EUR in the SEPA Zone

For payment in EUR currency and between two bank accounts in the SEPA zone, the fees are set to SHARE by default, without the possibility to change this.

  • Various enhancements and UX improvements

Continuous improvement of the user experience

ENPAY 4.6 – Apr 18, 2023


  • Operational dashboard

ENPAY new dashboard for bank account balances and transactions provides an easily accessible and organized view of your company’s financial situation. It enables you to quickly identify any unusual or unauthorized transactions and to take appropriate action.

  • Customise your data table views

ENPAY users have different needs, specific tasks and requirements to handle the overall payment process properly. As an example, an accountant may need to see different columns and use different filters than a signatory or a compliance officer. This new feature will allow you to set up your data table in a way that is most useful for you. You can now show/hide/reorganise columns, filter, and sort your data table as you wish.

  • More information about your bank accounts

An enhanced cash management feature provides users with a quick and easy way to access account information. Users can view their current and previous balances and track changes over time. Additionally, the feature displays the number of future transactions, and their values, giving users a more comprehensive view of their finances.

ENPAY 4.5 – Feb 28, 2022


  • Draft your payments

You can now create drafts of payments on ENPAY. This new feature allows approval process by multiple parties, such as accounting or financial teams (4 eyes principle). It also helps you to prepare and schedule future payments and reduce your fraud risk by reviewing the payment details and verifying that the payment is legitimate before submitting them for authorisation

  • Group your transactions

ENPAY now offers a new professional way to manage your payments. Group your payments based on your business activities and take action and keep track on all of them at once. Coupled with our duplicate payments feature, managing your monthly payments, deals, or cascade payments have never been easier.

  • In-line editing

All your drafts can be edited on the fly. List all your payments on your transactions page and instantly edit their beneficiary, ordering account, amounts or even communication within one click.

  • Concurrent actions

Make your team even more efficient. If multiple persons are working in the same time on your payments, ENPAY will spot the transactions which can’t follow your specific flows and highlight them so you can take action or ignore them.

ENPAY 4.4 - Dec 10, 2022


  • API improvements

Counterparties, payments, and risk assessments’ API have been updated. Adding new functionality to make it more useful and versatile for developers. Providing clear and comprehensive documentation to improve the usability of the API.

  • User management improvement

The registration process has been improved to be even more user-friendly and efficient. The setup of FinologeeAuthenticator/Luxtrust has been streamlined and new tools have been provided to make it easier for the administrator to manage the accounts.

ENPAY 4.3 - Dec 06, 2022


  • Non-IBAN account for your counterparties

Enpay is now ready for international payments!

  • New floating button to create your payment, counterparty or screening

To become even more efficient, a floating button on the bottom right of your screen helps you to quickly add a payment, a counterparty or launch a screening of your ultimate beneficiary.

  • Attach documents to your counterparties and payments

Attach an invoice, a document of proof or a note for your future auditor has never been as easy. Just drop or link your document. You can also request a specific workflow link to your attachment.

  • Login page and main menu redesign

To celebrate ENPAY’s 1st anniversary, we decided to refresh the design for you. We hope you like it.

  • More details about your accounts

Following our users’ request, the “My accounts” item bar view has been redesigned to be able to view, aggregate and display your bank accounts’ balances over time.

ENPAY 4.2 - Oct 13, 2022


  • Be aware of your pending actions
    A brand new centralized “Action centre” has been designed to help the user to find all his pending actions.
  • Dashboard View Improvement
    The dashboard now provides at-a-glance views of all ENPAY key performance indicators.
  • Send your invoices via PEPPOL
    Finologee is a certified Peppol service provider, meaning that ENPAY is allowed to send electronic invoices to entities enrolled with Peppol, namely Government and public sector institutions.
  • Duplicate or cancel payment
    New payment flows have been added to facilitate the duplication of payment and avoid mistakes by allowing the user to cancel a payment until it’s sent to the bank.

ENPAY 4.1 - Sep 02, 2022


  • KYC Control – Monitoring module
    ENPAY now provides a module to automate ongoing monitoring of counterparties, conducting regular name screenings based on their risk level.
  • Advanced Filters and Show/Hide Columns in Tables
    The page filters component allows users to narrow down the data being presented on a page. Users can select multiple filter criteria depending on their needs. On top of it, the user can now select the columns he would like to focus on.
  • Counterparty Management Improvement
    Manage the counterparties in a more flexible and faster way, adding new possibilities to edit, resubmit, reactivate, and authorise counterparties.
  • Display transactions on Counterparty
    Display counterparty transactions on the counterparty details page
  • Reporting Improvement
    Users can download transactions as PDF, CSV or MT940.

ENPAY 4.0 - Jul 19, 2022


  • KYC Control – Screening module
    To manage compliant payment, ENPAY launches a new KYC control feature to allow the user to screen individuals and organisation on sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media databases.
  • The place to retrieve all your reports.
    Include all MT940 transactions, populate ENPAY specific columns for ENPAY transactions, allow selecting multiple ordering parties, and support MS Excel.
  • Counterparty Management Improvement
    Manage the counterparties in a more flexible and faster way, adding new possibilities to edit, resubmit, reactivate, and authorise counterparties.
  • Redesign form inputs
    Form inputs allows users to submit data to ENPAY. Some examples are text input, multi-select, checkboxes, radio buttons, or slide toggles. They have been reviewed to enhance the user experience.