ENPAY is designed to simplify and automate payment processes from start to finish.


Manage all incoming & outgoing payments

  • Trigger & monitor credit transfers
  • All-encompassing visualisation of transactions – per account & grouping of accounts
  • End-of-day & intra-day account balances from the banks’ systems

Unrestricted bank connectivity

  • Multiple accounts – payment accounts, multiple currencies …
  • Multiple banks – global reach through the SWIFT network with Finologee’s BIC or through EBICS network
  • Close monitoring and optimisation of connected banks

Connect to the international PEPPOL network

  • Send and receive electronic documents to and from the government or any other companies that are connected to the Peppol Network

  • Archive documents for non-repudiation

  • Submit proprietary files that contain invoice or credit note information and convert them to the official Peppol BIS 3.0 format


Seamless User-friendly design

  • Flexible payment authorisation workflows with e-signatures & email/SMS notifications
  • Modern, fast, secure & easy-to-use web interfaces (no/low training requirements)
  • Activity dashboard for quick overviews by role: pending & recent transactions, errors …
  • Desktop, mobile & API access
All Features

In & outgoing payments

Credit transfer management: individual

Batches upload and validation process with error display

Multi-currency compatibility

Fast & secure data input interfaces with transparent status display

ERP integration

Integrate with any ERP of your choice

Ease end-to-end payment workflow

Reduce manual intervention by streamlining payment submission and reporting retrieval

Statement reports

All-encompassing visualisation of transactions – per account & grouping of accounts

Export features (PDF, XLS, CSV, MT940, custom)

Optional automated account statement printing service (transfer by regular postal mail)

Multi-bank account aggregation 

Connect & manage virtually any bank account at any bank (via SWIFT/EBICS)

End-of-day & intra-day account balances from banks

Aggregated data views & calculations

Advanced bank management: banks’ custom formats, properties & cut-off times managed & reported

Custom reports & balance evolution

Standing orders

Create recurring payments

Weekly, monthly, quarterly time intervals

Automatic reminder feature upon expiry

Advanced counterparty & beneficiary management

Single counterparty creation & batch import

Edit with validation workflows

In & out payments consolidation per counterparty

Peppol Access Point module

Peppol certified Access Point – eDelivery and Post-Award services, including dynamic participant discovery and AS4 profile compliance

Service Metadata Publisher – As a certified Peppol Service Metadata publisher (SMP), providing for clients’ capabilities and compatibilities publication, new participants’ onboarding and publication of onboarded participants to the Service Metadata Locator

Connectors – Simple REST API, Complete REST API and file upload via HTTPS and SFTP

Archiving all signed Peppol documents and their signed receipts for the legal period of 10 years. These documents can easily be retrieved though an API or through the web interface

Versatile workflow management

End-to-end payment workflow with valid electronic signatures

Single or multiple step & signatures conditions & validation, with authorization groups

Status reports, process overview & reminder functions

Email & SMS notifications

Multi-level user access & rights management

Advanced rights management (account, amounts, groups, payment type …)

Feature-specific access rights

Transaction & counterparty access

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) & signature

FinologeeAuthenticator mobile App, Luxtrust or clients’ own authentication mechanism (OAuth2, SAMLv2)

Valid e-signature for payment/counterparty validation with smartphone

One token to access all your account and manage your payment

API end points

Create transactions, manage counterparties, retrieve reports

Integrate with any ERP, TMS, process or end-point in clients’ environments

Full audit trail

Full audit trail per transaction, counterparty, global

Variable reports & statements in multiple formats (PDF, XLSX, MT940, custom)

Detailed payment status monitoring: signature steps, bank steps, confirmation or error reports

Upload document to provide proof

User management audit trail

Counterparty risk level management

Define the risk level of a counterparty

Refine your authorization or signature process

Update your risk level based on your ongoing counterparty monitoring

Rule-based email & SMS notification system

Adapt your notification system based on your signature rules workflow

User based notification management

Group based notification management

Data visualisation 

Centralized “Action centre” designed to show all the pending actions

Get at-a-glance views of all ENPAY key performance indicators

Users get a fast-track access to the actions that are relevant to them

History & balance evolution charts

Risk management

Easy and transparent monitoring of transactions with full audit trail

Advanced counterparty validation processes

IBAN blacklist/blocking

Optional integration with external tools for pattern/risk detection


Counterparty name screening & monitoring using blacklist/sanction list providers

Counterparty risk level definition with optional signature/validation rule dependency

Optional integration with external KYC system for lifecycle (e.g. Finologee’s KYC Manager)

Compliance officer/team integration into workflow (e.g. high-risk counterparties)

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