ENPAY is designed to simplify and automate payment processes from start to finish.


Manage all incoming & outgoing payments

  • Trigger & monitor credit transfers
  • All-encompassing visualisation of transactions – per account & grouping of accounts
  • End-of-day & intra-day account balances from the banks’ systems

Unrestricted bank connectivity

  • Multiple accounts – payment accounts, multiple currencies …
  • Multiple banks – global reach through the SWIFT network with Finologee’s BIC
  • Close monitoring and optimisation of connected banks

First-class user experience & automation

  • Modern, fast, secure & easy-to-use web interfaces (no/low training requirements)
  • Activity dashboard for quick overviews by role: pending & recent transactions, errors …
  • Desktop, mobile & API access
  • Flexible payment authorisation workflows with e-signatures & email/SMS notifications

Optimised for Luxembourg-based entities

  • Hosted and operated in SaaS setup in Luxembourg – no on-premise installation required, but API integration possible
  • Straightforward compliance with EU & Luxembourg outsourcing regulations through “Support PFS” licence
  • ISO 27001:2013 certified
All Features

Outgoing payments

Credit transfer management: individual & batches

Connect & manage virtually any bank account at any bank (via SWIFT)

Multi-currency compatibility

Fast & secure data input interfaces with transparent status display

Incoming payments [NEW]

All-encompassing visualisation of transactions – per account & grouping of accounts

Export features (PDF, XLS, CSV, MT940, custom)

History & diagrams

Optional automated account statement printing service (transfer by regular postal mail)

Account aggregation [NEW]

End-of-day & intra-day account balances from banks

Aggregated data views & calculations

Cash management & visualisation with charts

Custom reports & balance evolution

Standing orders

Create recurring payments

Weekly, monthly, quarterly time intervals

Automatic reminder feature upon expiry

Batch file uploads

Payments & counterparties creation/import with batch file

XLSX file templates & documentation with tooltips

Validation process with error display

Optional custom format & data mapping

Bank connectivity

Multiple accounts – payment accounts, multiple currencies …

Multiple banks – global reach through SWIFT connectivity, own BIC …

Advanced bank management: banks’ custom formats, properties & cut-off times managed & reported

Counterparty management

Single creation & batch import

Edit with validation workflows

Advanced data model (name screening, risk management)

In & out payments consolidation per counterparty

User experience

Modern, fast, secure & easy-to-use web interfaces (no/low training requirements)

Activity dashboard for quick overviews based on role: pending & recent transactions, errors …

Desktop & mobile optimisation of screens

Data visualisation & charts

Workflow management

Payment authorisation workflow with valid electronic signatures

Single or multiple step & signatures conditions & validation, with authorization groups

Status reports, process overview & reminder functions

Email & SMS notifications

Multi-level user access & rights management

Advanced rights management (account, amounts, groups, payment type …)

Feature-specific access rights

Transaction & counterparty access

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) & signature

FinologeeAuthenicator mobile App, Luxtrust or clients’ own authentication mechanism (OAuth2, SAMLv2)

Valid e-signature for payment/counterparty validation with smartphone

API end points

Create transactions, manage counterparties, retrieve reports

Integrate with any ERP, TMS, process or end-point in clients’ environments

Own connection to the SWIFT network

Use of Finologee’s own BIC to access any SWIFT-connected bank & account

Light-touch & standardised process (Power-of-Attorney) with banks to set up/connect clients’ accounts

SWIFT security standards applied

Audit & transparency

Full audit trail per transaction, counterparty, global

Variable reports & statements in multiple formats (PDF, XLSX, MT940, custom)

Detailed payment status monitoring: signature steps, bank steps, confirmation or error reports

Hosted SaaS setup

Hosting in Luxembourg in redundant Tier IV data centres (EBRC)

Multiple SLA configurations

24/7 operations by Finologee’s DevSecOps team

State-of-the-art monitoring & BCP/DRP procedures

IT Security

ISO 27001:2013 IT security architecture & processes certified by Bureau Veritas

Swift CSP compliant

Individual electronic signatures issued by external certificate authorities used for end-to-end non-repudiation of payments

Penetration tests performed by external security professionals


Finologee operates as a Luxembourg ‘Support PFS’ (regulated IT provider) license issued by the Ministry of Finance

Enables compliance with outsourcing regulatory requirements of finance professionals (EBA guidelines on outsourcing arrangements & national circulars)

Fully audited (internal & external audit carried out by two ‘Big 4’ firms)

Support & training

Local customer care team with professional web portal, status management & phone support

Dedicated project & account managers, reports & assistance

Custom team & individual training

Risk Management

Easy and transparent monitoring of transactions with full audit trail

Advanced counterparty validation processes

IBAN blacklist/blocking

Optional integration with external tools for pattern/risk detection


Counterparty name screening & monitoring using blacklist/sanction list providers

Counterparty risk level definition with optional signature/validation rule dependency

Optional integration with external KYC system for lifecycle (e.g. Finologee’s KYC Manager)

Compliance officer/team integration into workflow (e.g. high-risk counterparties)

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