Whatis it?
Compliant digital KYC Process automation & 3rd Party FinTech service aggregation

Finologee’s Digital Onboarding system is a white-labelled aggregation product for the financial services industry, insurance companies, telcos, FinTechs and other entities that perform KYC/AML checks to remotely on-board and identify customers, get info, documents and e-signatures, using a compliant selection of partner FinTech services and a state-of-the art business process management setup.

Our Digital Onboarding product delivers fully compliant digital KYC process automation, using our Trusted FinTech Platform and its business process and risk management features.

It enables you to choose from a catalogue of the best third party FinTech products/microservices/APIs for a variety of features such as video chat, ID document recognition and validation, electronic signature and others.

It is a white-labelled product that is fully operated by the company on its trusted platform and fully compliant with Luxembourg regulation. We focus both on full compliance and the highest level of user-friendliness.

Digital OnboardingDemo
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What arethe features?
Relies on best-in-class third party FinTech building blocks

Fully customisable process, screens, data entry fields

High performance business process management

Automated ID document scanning

Full Video Chat service with agents

Compliant e-signature & consent

Dynamic risk calculation with customizable matrix

Customer onboarding file delivery to compliance/ back-office

How does itwork?

User journeys typically start on our client’s web site. A simple click on a button redirects users wanting to open an account  Depending on your preferences, we can handle end-to-end onboarding processes with all the forms and questions, phone and email validation tools, documents upload functions, either a video chat and/or an automated document scan and recognition module, an e-signature/consent component and various other features. Alternatively, we can also provide features or modules covering only specific segments of your onboarding journey.

The process can include a pre-screening step assessing the general level of risk based on several criteria. Journeys can be adapted dynamically using these variables, based on your own risk policies and matrix: ‘low risk’-level users need to provide less data and documents than ‘medium risk’ or ‘high risk’ users. As an alternative to custom scenarios based on risk-levels, our system can also let users choose which features they prefer. For instance, you may let users select if they want to go through a video chat session with a human operator or if they prefer an automated document scan process (typically requiring an additional identity validation step such as an incoming bank transfer from an EU-bank).

Implementations with our clients are usually white-labelled: users will get a consistent experience displaying your corporate identity and implementing your design guidelines on every screen.

What arethe components?

Optimised screens & UX

Beautifully designed & thought-through interfaces for a high-end user experience.

Business Process Management

Full-fledged Business Process Management engine with visual process design/export.

Analytics & Tracking

Statistics & tracking module for custom reports & conversion monitoring (QlikView).

Process Visualisation

Interactive & heat-maps that show user progress & bottlenecks.

Session Management

Advanced session management and ‘pick-up where you left’ in case of interruption.


Custom Flows

Configuration of custom flow including joint account processing & integration in the current organisation.

3rd party Product Integration

Neat integration of third-party services with a possibility to mix features, jointly or alternatively.

Risk Profile Management

Risk / profile matrix integration offering tailor-made flows for each typology of client.

Phone Number & Email Validation

Mobile phone number confirmation via OTP module and email address validation module.

Cross-device Compatibility

Mobile and desktop optimisation – Designed from the ground up for the context it is used.

Rights Management

Integration of third-party partners with a user interface to manage rights and accesses.


Qualified signature (eIDAS-compliant) or standard consent with detailed logging/session information.

One-stop-shop for best-in-class KYC FinTech

Finologee has built a product that combines both its own components and best-in-class FinTech products by 3rd party partners – all served with a Luxembourg ‘Support PFS’ licence.

Straighforward outsourcing

Finologee makes the outsourcing process easy and straightforward for banks and other (Luxembourg) financial industry entities: we verify and provide documentation covering each of our partners enabling you to meet your regulatory obligations.

Regulatory Compliance

We operate under a Luxembourg “Support PFS” licence that gives financial institutions the highest level of comfort for outsourcing their digital customer onboarding and data/document retrieval processes.

Your own process & design

Our Identify & Consent App can be configured to meet your exact procedure, taking into account all data, documents and information, as well as the exact risk matrix including several dimensions, so you’ll have a maximum level of comfort.

High-end & compliant hosting and operations

Finologee’s Identify & Consent App runs on Clearstream’s high performance and compliant infrastructure. Together we provide the service level that matches your requirements.

Let us & our partners help you

Our project management teams know how to run implementation projects and can help you steering them, with your IT, legal & compliance, marketing and management teams. We also work in close collaboration with several partners (e.g. Big4).

Continuous product updates

We continuously enhance our product at feature and performance levels and to meet regulatory changes. Our partner list continues to grow, so you can choose at any time to embed new features or partner services into your product.


“A continuously growing catalogue of Finologee-verified features by partner companies for video chat, document OCR , facial recognition and validation, KYC and blacklist database search, electronic signature, as well as extended customer due diligence”


IDnow provides the video call feature embedded into Finologee’s Digital Onboarding product, including the video chat operations with IDnow’s call centre agents.


AriadNEXT’s text and document recognition and verification technology is integrated with the Finologee Identify & Consent App, also handling the face match feature comparing a live picture taken during the process to the picture on the ID document.


KYCTech provides access to various KYC, blacklist and customer due diligence databases and services. Automatic checks can be automatically performed as an optional service or triggered via the backoffice tool by our client’s compliance/backoffice teams.


LuxTrust’s services are integrated and available to Finologee’s clients both for end-user identification using the user’s existing LuxTrust certificate and for qualified eIDAS-compliant electronic signature.

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