Celebrating a new chapter of Fintech innovation together

Celebrating a new chapter of Fintech innovation together

Finologee celebrated its 5th anniversary and office extension inauguration in the presence of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel

On 2 June 2022, Finologee celebrated its 5th anniversary and took the opportunity to officially inaugurate its new office space. The ceremony took place in the presence of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who cut the ribbon to the company’s new meeting room and co-working floor, together with the three company founders Raoul Mulheims, Georges Berscheid and Jonathan Prince. About 100 guests joined the team in celebrating.

2006 | 2012 | 2017 | 2022 – Quite a few reasons to celebrate

Mpulse was founded
Luxembourg’s SMS routing & payments gateway #turning16

Digicash Payments was established
Luxembourg retail banks’ mobile payment system & App #turning10

Finologee was incorporated
Luxembourg’s prime digital finance platform operator #turning5

Office extension inauguration
Prime Minister Xavier Bettel inaugurating the new office space #celebratingtogether

Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg‘s Prime Minister, during his inauguration speech: “The occasion of today’s celebration – the 5th anniversary of Finologee – has once again revealed to me how proud we can be of the FinTech pioneers in our Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. After all, it is the success of technology companies like Finologee that is leading the way for the financial services industry of tomorrow. It also highlights the fact that entrepreneur-led businesses in Luxembourg are capable of making a significant contribution to the industry – in this particular case leveraging previous success stories – with the company founders paving the way for FinTech “made in Luxembourg” already for many years.”

An excellent occasion to thank YOU

Raoul Mulheims, CEO & Co-Founder Finologee, during his welcome speech: “5 years of Finologee – an occasion that makes the company’s founders truly proud of our outstanding team, the clients that trust us and our partners who bolster our value proposition. With this anniversary, I would like to thank all of them for the confidence they have had in us over the past years. It is thanks to you and the excellent Luxembourg fintech ecosystem that we are moving closer to delivering on our mission goal – helping substantially with the digitalisation of Luxembourg’s financial industry – every day.

Turning a vision into reality

Jonathan Prince, CSO & Co-Founder Finologee: “What makes me most proud on the occasion of this anniversary? Definitely the team. We’ve never had a better team than we do today: everyone is a true expert in their field and it’s a pleasure to work with them to further the industry’s quest for optimisation and innovation.”

Today, the Finologee team consists of 40 experts with 18 different nationalities. The growing team is just one of the reasons why Finologee’s founders decided to invest in an additional floor for its offices at the headquarters in Leudelange. The new space, especially the event room, will be used in the future for internal and external workshops, customer and partner events and team meetings.









Georges Berscheid, CTO & Co-Founder Finologee: “After founding Mpulse and Digicash with my partners, we refer to Finologee as our “spot landing” – a company built on extensive experience and a very clear vision: excelling in technology, user experience and compliance. I am extremely proud that we are in fact succeeding in turning this vision into reality: Every day, our products make an important contribution to the digitalisation of Luxembourg’s financial industry. This would not be possible without the fantastic team and the supporting fintech ecosystem and network.”

Before the official opening, the Prime Minister met with the Finologee team and toured the offices. Staff members presented him with the latest product, ENPAY, a platform for professional payments and multi-bank account access – “the Digicash for business payments”.

On this occasion, Mr Bettel also tested a new feature of the platform that allows its users to screen payment beneficiaries against international blacklists and sanction lists. The ENPAY product initiative had been launched under a joint funding agreement with the Luxembourg Government that was signed in 2020.

Celebrating a new chapter of Fintech innovation together